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Some UT 3 news
[R.H.] CLAN - Portal EmptySat 8 Dec - 8:49 by [RH]Dom

Nice game indeed; i've got it in the full version too, and it works like a charm with a 3 ghz Intel, 1.5 gb ddr2 and an ATI X1600pro; i've loaded FRAPS during many games, and i've got about 38/40 fps with 1024X768 full details on...not bad, and very fluid.

There is a solo campaign, not bad to play with, but rather take it as a long tutorial, to discover the various gameplays the soft offers.

In general, UT 3 is nearer to TU the 1st opus than to the UT2004 version, and it's a good thing, because many players have loved alot the UT gameplay. So you'll find again the jump boots, the tremendous rythm of the game, and so on. Even an old UT map, DECK 16, is renewed and is now suitable as DECK. Enjoyable....Map is discovering the editor , check the forum to see some picts. Here above is my avatar, [POW]OldBear, i'm Flak Master hehe, rocket Scientist and Chaingun lover, yum yum....

[center][R.H.] CLAN - Portal Ut3110

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Unreal Tournament 3 Video
[R.H.] CLAN - Portal EmptySat 20 Oct - 17:06 by [RH]NeiMAD
Hi there,

we made a little movie (with Map) showing the game. We all agree, UT3 is beautiful yeye . Even if some of you have troubles to play the game with a decent fps rate. You can turn the graphic options to low, but well, it might hurt your eyes lol. Anyway, here is a little something for those who can't run it with high graphic options bleb

Give us a shout !

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A gift from me: 4 albums!!!!
[R.H.] CLAN - Portal EmptyTue 16 Oct - 17:29 by [RH]Dom
Ok i've compiled 4 albums grouped under the 4 Elements. So you'll find " Oceanic ", the 1st one, more New Age and Electro, that is Water...Then " Out of the Earth ", more powerful but also more progressive , with represents the Earth of course

Then" On the Highs ", the 3 rd one, Techno and Electro, but also Metal and so on..the Air I'm continuing the 4 th one " Fire and Lights ", and i give here the exisiting opus...

I hope you'll enjoy them, it's about 3 hours listening lol. They are Creatve Commons Licence 2.5 protected under a Label, so you've the right to listen to them, but not to change them, use them in a video, game, or so without my authorization and without my copyright claims as author.

Hope you'll enjoy!!

Friendly, Dom

[R.H.] CLAN - Portal Bearsi10



Out Of the Earth


On the Highs


Fire and Lights


lol! lol!

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UT 3 beta demo online today!!!!!
[R.H.] CLAN - Portal EmptySat 13 Oct - 11:59 by [RH]Dom
Yes, yes , yes, the international beta Demo for UT 3 is available now!!

5 maps to try, 3 game modes, 746 mb to download. Warm up your modems!!!


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Dom stops: bye bye to all
[R.H.] CLAN - Portal EmptyMon 8 Oct - 6:47 by [RH]Dom

It's time to go, see the details i've posted here on Forum... i explain a lot of things...

Here you'll find a little musical and vocal message i put for you, if ever somebody listens to it. It's sad, but things are so...

Very friendly, Dom

rhfinal.mp3 - 0.98MB

[R.H.] CLAN - Portal Thumb sad3 sad3 sad3 sad3 sad3 sad3

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Dj Dom the Bear rocks music: pro portal and new album
[R.H.] CLAN - Portal EmptyFri 21 Sep - 6:44 by [RH]Dom

1st i'm proud to announce my musics are now on the greatest french music portal, where you can find some of my tracks, listen to them and download them. They are license protected but free to listen to and download. After one week, i've already got more than 2000 stream listeners ans more than 500 downloaders lol.


Then i've finished my 2nd Album, out of the Earth, i'll release it soon online. It's rather Electro, but some tracks like the following will surely please to many: it's Rebellion ( here in Savage Mix version ) , a track mixing Industrial Metal and Techno:


Friendly, the mixing Bear

[R.H.] CLAN - Portal Outear10

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[Pariah Movie] - The Last Stand : Bonus Scene
[R.H.] CLAN - Portal EmptyFri 14 Sep - 0:57 by [RH]NeiMAD
Get ready for the duck walk ! cheers

The rest of the movie can be found the video forum here Basketball

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